Male Genital Piercings

The concept behind male genital piercings (as with those for women) is to enhance. The common placements do not prevent sexual activities; they are meant to stimulate and arouse. These enhancements are also placed to call attention to the ornamented areas and foster beauty and appreciation.

Just the name “Prince Albert” can be enough to cause grown men to cringe. Just what is a Prince Albert anyways, and what is the big deal about it? A Prince Albert is a type of male genital piercing – that’s right, a piercing through the head of the penis. Do male genital piercings improve sexual pleasure, or do they impede sexual function? Here’s the skinny on male genital piercings.

A Prince Albert piercing is just one of the many different types of penis piercings available. A dydoe, ampallang, and frenum piercing are all popular piercings for penises, and many men have more than one of these. As experienced body piercers and piercees get more creative, however, more and more types of piercings will be available for the brave and the ultra brave. So does a penis piercing hurt? A bit. So why get a genital piercing?

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of a male genital piercing is the fact that it has the ability to enhance sexual pleasure. Perhaps not so much for the guy, but that many penis piercings can enhance sexual pleasure for their partners. This, however, depends on a great deal of things, including whether your partner is male or female and whether you use condoms or not. Many men get themselves pierced because it turns on their partners, and a common belief is that certain male genital piercings, such as the Prince Albert, can actually help stimulate a woman’s G-spot. Of course, you’re not going to become insanely good at lovemaking all of a sudden once you get a penis piercing. You’ve got to have the skills first, because a piercing is only going to add to the pleasure you can create for your partner, not replace it or do it for you.

Types of male Genital Piercing

For details on types of male genital piercings please refer to the excellent web site from Elayne Angel, author of the Piercing Bible and from which the majority of the above information has been extracted.

The Piercing Bible