Developing your LinkedIn network helps you establish yourself as a reputable and reliable organisation. Having a large following can extend your reach in the hiring processand generate a greater number of leads for your business. Our experience has shown that the following points go a long way towards reaching your follower targets.

Post Regularly

Posting status updates that include content with added value will attract people doing business on LinkedIn. Posting updates or sharing articles regularly increases the likelihood that people and organizations would engage with your page. Keep in mind that the posts should have some relation to your business; whether they discuss your business, or the values and trends that your business is interested in.Orchestrating your posts so that updates are shared during work hours leads to higher rates of engagement and follower activity – guess we know what a lot of us are doing during work hours!

Connect with Suggested Followers

Updating does not necessarily only cover posting links or content, it also means keeping your LinkedIn active in general. For example; when LinkedIn suggests people you could add to your network, reviewing the suggestions once or twice a week is a networking plus. Connecting with people in the same industry is the most effective way to increase engagement on all your page’s activities.

Create an Attractive Profile

People tend to be more attracted to pictures, statistics, and videos because they are perceived to be a more entertaining way of receiving information. So, if you find yourself in a position with the opportunity to use a YouTube video (and you find a video with the ideal content) – you should make use of it.

An attractive profile could also be achieved by adopting a certain charm. When introducing yourself to new connections, try to personalize connection requests in a simple, witty manner to continue growing your network. These connections can be found via linking your profile to other social media accounts, or by liking, sharing, or commenting on other individuals’ and companies’ posts. Naturally, one of the best ways to increase views of your LinkedIn is to provide the link or URL wherever appropriate. This includes adding the link in the signature section of your emails, on your website, or on business cards.

Involve Yourself in Groups

Members of LinkedIn are interested in emerging goods and services, as well as strong industries’ intuitions. Find groups to join by searching for the keywords that you are interested in using the LinkedIn search bar. Communicating and participating in groups, both big and small, is a fantastic way to connect with new people over time. Creating a group can show creativity and experience, and users prefer to communicate with professionals in the field.

At Infinite TasweeQ, we take LinkedIn very seriously as a social media platform, our services, include managing your page, increasing quality followers over time through continued engagement with your specific industry.


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