Google is the world’s largest and most comprehensive library, Google Search is the world’s fastest and most accurate librarian. Have you ever noticed how unbelievably accurate search engines have become? The webpage you are looking for appears on the first page of results much more often than the fifth page. The continuous improvement and virtual perfection of search engine algorithms has made life easier on the consumer and much more difficult for the provider.

Consumers have grown accustomed to quickly finding answers to their questions. Clicking through multiple pages of search results is no longer viable. As such site rank is essential for directing more traffic towards your webpage. The higher your website naturally ranks in organic search results, the greater the chance that it will be visited.

In order to master the art of search engine optimization you need to master the following practices.

Preparation & Buy-In: Increasing your organic rank depends heavily on management buy-in. optimizing your online presence begins with setting goals and developing a plan of attack, including the time and effort required to achieve success.

Quality: Search engines want to provide its users with suitable responses to their queries. Quality, as displayed by return customers and positive reviews is key to building your credibility with the search algorithm.

UI/UX:  Walking into a grocery store with food covering the ground is a first impression you cannot forget. Similarly, your website’s design and usability are key factors determining whether your website will have a high bounce rate (percentage of people who leave your website after viewing the landing page). The higher the bounce rate the lower you will rank on organic search algorithms.

Keyword Consistency: Choose a set of keywords that describe your products as well as your corporate and cultural ideals. These keywords must be used repeatedly on page titles, headers, URLs, body text, and wherever possible in order to solidify your brand.

Readability: Search engines are designed with a program referred to as the spider. The spider crawls your website and attempts to read it. You need to make sure that your website is crawlable in order to ensure your intent is clearly understandable by search engine spiders.

Content Marketing: A lot of people see SEO as adding blog pages littered with keywords to your website. Blogs, articles, FAQs, and/or user reviews are important but they need to be focused on your products and services. Getting this right improves lead generation through organic search results significantly.

Backlinks: Being referenced by other credible sites is very important to your SEO efforts. There are many ways to achieve this, but knowing which links increase your rank status and which are a waste of time, effort, and money is a make or break factor

Localization: When focusing on a small number of markets, findability is a key factor determining your success. It is of vital importance to ensure that it is clear to search engine spiders where you operate. Knowing this information will give the search engine the right tools to propose you to potential customers in your area of operation

Social Standing: It is of utmost importance to connect your social media presence with your website by adding tags to each of your pages. Remember, this also means that all positive and negative reviews will play into your reputation and your organic search rankings. The more followers you have the more credible you will look

Credibility & Authority: If you have a trusted domain, a powerful reputation, and a lot of positive past experiences you will climb in the rankings. There is no question around credibility being the key factor affecting your search rank positioning

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